Estate Planning – The GCI Difference + Tools and Products

Estate Planning

One of the major impulses of any person who aspires to success is to have a living estate; and on his, or her passing, to leave a legacy for those left behind.

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This is the GCI Wealth approach:

An estate is the sum total of what you own and owe, including land, house(s), shares, cash, gold, leases. Some assets could be fixed (as in land) or liquid (as in cash) as well as movables (such as cars, Persian rugs and valuable art)

Planning Your Estate is for yourself, now, for when you retire, as well as ultimately for the legacy you leave behind.

Plan to protect what you have built up – and plan to still build up.

Invest well, but take the following into account:

  • Taxes that affect your estate, including Income Tax, Dividend Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Estate Tax
  • Inflation
  • Secure business interests through sound agreements including Leases, Buy-Sell agreements and Patents
  • Protect of your estate through asset and life insurance
  • Use Trusts when suitable – a powerful protection against family disputes and the risk of wastage
  • Have a soundly planned will/ testament in place.

A professional Financial Planner / Estate Planner needs to have a broad and sound knowledge of investment, and critical laws affecting estates.

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